Pre & Post Natal


I am a mum of two young children, so I have recent first hand experience of the challenges you are faced with during and after pregnancy. There will be no judgement, only empathy. I will write a safe and effective programme to meet your needs. We will work on how to reconnect and rebuild your core and pelvic floor as well as working on any postural changes. Benefits of postnatal training are wide ranging but include faster recovery, provide functional fitness for the role of motherhood, and reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

You are more than welcome to bring your baby with you to your sessions


Whether you are looking to safely maintain your fitness during pregnancy, or to improve your physical condition prior to having your child, I’m here to help. My clients can train with the knowledge and reassurance that the programme I will develop for you will allow for safe and effective training which will be adapted as your pregnancy develops.

Training during pregnancy can help improve posture, decrease any back pain, reduce risk of high blood pressure, and prepare you for labour.